Day 9—My Earring Gets a Bruise.

Today’s earrings were a gift from my son, circa 1991. He doesn’t remember selecting them for me because he was about five and a half, but he did go to the jewelry store with me.

I’d gone to the store to have a watch battery replaced. While I talked to the jeweler, my son stood by a stand of earrings and slowly turned the display.

“Mom,” he said, “you should buy these. They’re pretty.”

I turned to look and started to tell him I wasn’t buying earrings. But he was right, they were pretty.

Very pretty. Fourteen-karat gold. Inexpensive, considering.

“They’d look pretty on you,” he said. He wanted me to have them.

I bought them.

A couple of months later, I bruised one of the earrings.

I’d cradled the handset of a rotary phone between my shoulder and my ear, never thinking I could damage the earring because it was small.

When anyone had complimented me on these earrings, I’d smile and tell them my son bought them for me.

The bruised side of my earring

Now, I’d been careless with his gift.

I tried to buy another pair, but the jeweler couldn’t get another pair.

I asked if it could be repaired, but the jeweler said trying to fix it would make it worse.

I looked at the tiny dents located on one side of the earring.

Facing a mirror, I put on the earring and twisted it until the indentations were facing the floor. I looked into the mirror—I couldn’t see the damage, so no one else would.

I still wear them. They’re still pretty.

My small son wanted me to have them, so abandoning them was never an option.

3 thoughts on “Day 9—My Earring Gets a Bruise.

  1. Recovering from my 3rd vaccine, I decided to binge on your earring stories. What a unique way to share slice of life memories! My grandparents loved to give my mom, my two sisters and I similar or the same handmade earrings when they could. After Mom died, I sorted through her earrings and one of the pair I selected were a match to a set I still had, from my grandparents. They were mostly black, with some gold and a small glittering gemstone. I wasn’t sure why I took them since I had my own, but had a niggling I’d do something special with them. Four months later when we thought covid had abated enough for us to place her cremains beside her parents, the niggling blossomed. I placed one of the earrings in the Chinese vase my brother had given Mom years ago when he was living in China, before we sealed the ashes, notes and other trinkets. I gave both my sisters one of the earrings, and kept the last one for myself. It has become part of the visual tribute to Mom I have on the upper ledge of an arched window.

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