Something Published: “Show and Tell to Remember”

My humorous essay “Show and Tell to Remember” won honorable mention for humor and will be published by the Bacopa Literary Review in September 2022. Other 2022 contest winners can be found at Bacopa Literary Review Editor’s Blog. The 2022 edition of the Bacopa Literary Review will be available in September 2022.

If you’re interested in entering next year’s contest to have a chance be published in the Bacopa Literary Review in 2023 and possibly win money click here to review the rules for the 2022 contest and bookmark the website. I believe the themes change each year. There was no submission fee. Bacopa Literary Review, an international print journal, is published by the Writers Alliance of Gainesville in Gainesville, Florida.

5 thoughts on “Something Published: “Show and Tell to Remember”

    • Yes, it will be published in their 2022 edition that will be released in September. They are a paper journal and the essay can’t be read online, but I will send it to you after they publish it if you like.


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