Tree Guy Goes Mum


Yesterday Tree Guy lost his mouth. I noticed his missing smile last night when I let the dogs outside. I leaned over the deck, Tree Guy’s mouth lay on the ground in pieces, most likely KO’d by a squirrel.

Squirrels have been scurrying up and down Tree Guy’s trunk, busying themselves for winter. The Farmer’s Almanac has predicted a harsh winter for our area, designating it a “Hibernation Zone.” Sounds quaint, doesn’t it? Just eat a lot of food, then curl up for a long nap in a cozy place.

Tree Guy’s mouth won’t be repaired again. It’s in pieces and the back hanger is gone. I could probably find the metal loop, and my husband could fix the mouth—again, but it wouldn’t last because the interior substance is dry rotted. The shiny paint job on Tree Guy’s mouth is like an iridescent-paint job on an old car, covering copious amounts of Bondo—pretty to look at but not a long-term solution.

Losing his mouth has changed Tree Guy’s expression. While trying to determine if he looks contemplative or stern or forlorn, I’ve decided he looks mostly confused.

My husband and I agreed that while Tree Guy’s mouth won’t be fixed, we’ll leave him with his eyes and nose. He’ll still watch over the deck and smell his flower-basket earrings, but he won’t talk. Anyone wanting to know what he thinks will have to look into his eyes, windows to his inner sap. Tree Guy’s been part of our lives for over a decade, we’d rather lose him in bits than all at once.

I’ve pulled the nail from the tree where Tree Guy’s mouth hung and tossed his broken lips into the trash.

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9 thoughts on “Tree Guy Goes Mum

  1. Hey Vickie, I just had fun re-reading all the tree guys posts and I laughed and laughed! I’m thinking the grandkids should be in charge of making a variety of mouths for tree guy, yep, you pulled the nail too soon. And if the kids don’t get a chance, I can see a new tree guy in your future – he’s become a fixture after all!

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  2. Ahhhhhh! Snap! Tree guy will still speak through the seasons with daily, incremental words. Tree Guy is now a poet- one of subtlety. He has taught you ten years to read his moods. Tree guy still speaks!

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  3. I’m new here and happy to find you. Still trying to sort out the various delivery systems and how to communicate. I’ll get it soon and try to be a little more effusive and a lot less confused. 😉


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