True Love Is . . .

My new soft flannels

. . . when you squat down to get a frying pan out of the cupboard and rip your one-and-only pair of awesome flannel pants (which you’ve had for fifteen years) from mid-shin to mid-thigh, a split so long and jagged you can’t mend them, sending you on a search for a new pair, but only finding fleece (so second-rate) or flimsy flannel (so short-lived), then your husband joins the quest, and after searching online he announces that the outdoor retail store where you bought your awesome flannel pants still carries them, so you drive to the store and purchase a velvety-soft, blue-plaid pair; returning home, you slip out of your jeans and into the softest caress of flannel, and you know true love isn’t a bouquet of flowers, but a husband who wants you to have dreamy flannel pants.

12 thoughts on “True Love Is . . .

    • Yes! He cared about your comfort! I had a dear friend whose husband bought her a window air conditioner for her craft room because she was having hot flashes and she’d never liked the heat anyway. She told me it was the most romantic gift she ever received.

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    • Thanks, but I because I posted it online, it would be very hard to find a place to submit it because almost all journals and contests want unpublished work, and almost all journals and contests consider anything on Facebook and blogs as published.


  1. How many people have asked you what the store is where you found those great flannel pants. Great writing by the way and now, where to get those pants? Since I’m asking, I think it’s OK for you to say without seeming to promote. 🙂

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    • Thanks, Wendy. I wrote that piece as one sentence. I was experimenting. I was going to write it as a more traditional short essay, and then it came to me that I should try something different. I bought the first pair and my new pair of flannel pants at Eddie Bauer. I buy the men’s small. I still have to roll the waistband down one turn because they are a bit long on me. But I love them. My other pair was a men’s size small too. They have a drawstring, which I tie at a certain position, then I just slip the pants on and off.


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