Something Published: “Harlequin Pattern”

In December 2022, Hive Avenue Literary Journal published my short story “Harlequin Pattern.” The story appears on page 262, which can be reached by scrolling down.

Milan and me in the fall of 2019

I dedicated the story to Milan Kovacovic, a kind mentor who gave me feedback on the story. Milan passed away in 2020. I miss him and think of him often. Milan said my story was “a fine piece of satire.”

Milan wrote a thought-provoking and beautiful memoir called Ma’s Dictionary: Straddling the Social Class Divide about his life in France and the U.S. He wrote lovingly about his primary-school teacher, Madam Mercier and her importance in shaping his life. He wrote about his movement between the social classes in France and his emigration to the U.S. When I met him, he was translating his book into French. His book is still available on Amazon.

4 thoughts on “Something Published: “Harlequin Pattern”

  1. Very engaging story with word entendre, some comic satire in the Romance genre; good tension and a surprising twist. What fun! Certainly worth publishing. Congratulations, Vickie.

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    • Funny thing about Tina. When I started writing the story, Tina was the wronged one. She was writing a romance novel to distract herself from her cheating husband. By the end of the story, the romance novel she was writing was supposed to give her enough courage to leave her cheating husband. But Tina didn’t want to be in that story. She wanted to be the naughty one. So I wrote the story a different way.

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