Tina Turner Died Today

Sunset Beach, Fish Creek, Door County, 2023

I loved her voice and the way she danced and strutted across the stage, giving every song her all. She was power and elegance and talent.

As kids my sisters and I loved Ike and Tina Turner’s version of “Rolling on a River.” We loved how they started the song out “nice and easy” because as Tina said, “we never, ever do nothing nice and easy” then halfway through they rocked the song like a river bursting over its banks.

We called Milwaukee’s Fun-Loving WOKY at 920 on your AM dial. They took requests. So we asked, “Can you play ‘Rolling on a River’ the way Ike and Tina Turner sing it?”

“Sure,” someone at WOKY said. After all, they were Fun-Loving.

Instead they played “Rolling on a River” by Creedence Clearwater Revival. Disappointed, we called again and again, asking for the “nice and easy” version. But we were kids, and we pissed them off with our insistence they get our request right. They told us they wouldn’t play Ike and Tina Turner’s version because they’d just played the CCR version.

We gave it a rest. But we called every couple of days, asking to hear “Rolling on a River” by Ike and Tina Turner. Fun-Loving WOKY at 920 on your AM dial never honored our request. After a couple of weeks we gave up.

Today I didn’t need to call a request line to hear Tina Turner sing “Rolling on River.” I’ve got YouTube. I watched three different versions of Tina sing and dance to the best version ever of “Rolling on River.” And I was twelve years old again.

Ike and Tina Turner live in 1971 singing “Proud Mary.”

Tina Turner live in the Netherlands in 1996 singing “Proud Mary.”

Tina Turner live in 1999 singing “Proud Mary” with Elton John on piano and a duet with Cher.

7 thoughts on “Tina Turner Died Today

  1. Some years ago, I read that “Proud Mary” was the most popular song at weddings. It’s not the first sone that jumps to my mind for that occasion, however. but I still love it.

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  2. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In these presentations the women are doing all the entertaining and they are so powerful in their own selves. Wonderful!

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  3. Tina has always been my most favorite female singer of our time. I had the pleasure to see her perform in Tucson, Arizona, her exhilarating level of talent, energy and just watching the clips still gives me goosebumps. Thank you all!

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